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Power Factor Improvement Plant

Innovern Engineering’s manufactures PFI (Power Factor Improvement) Plant for improving the degraded Power Factor of the electrical system. Since the majority of loads are of inductive nature, they require some amount of reactive power for them to function. In a word PFI Plant or Power factor improvement plant is for reducing the phase difference between votage. In the first place we provide the best quality microprocessor based PFC (Power Factor Correction) relay up to 14 stages from 6 stage . We also give the comprehensive range of product to chose the PFI elements. Capacitor is equally important so we offer a wide range of capacitor of different ratings (2.5, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 Kvar) and corresponding as well as Magnetic Contractor for suitable stepping of the Capacitor bank. Furthermore we ensure the international standard and testing  method to ensure quality, service and life of the equipment.

Main benefits

  • 14/16 SWG steel fabricated powder coated free standing or wall mount PFI enclosure.
  • Uniquely customized design as per customer requirements.
  • Arc flash prof dead front constructor also with the bottoms cover.
  • Ease of maintenance with 100% accessibility from the front.
  • Reduced operational expenditure.
  • 99.99% pure copper busbar.
  • Best product with comparatively best price 

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