ABB Lightning Protection System

ABB Lightning Protection System

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  • If the area to be protected is a dangerous area, lightning conductor can be installed outside
  • Possible to protect several buildings with the same lightning conductor
  • Economic
  • Possible to protect a structure and its surrounding environment at the same time
  • Protection of open zones
  • Can be integrated seamlessly and discreetly into the building structure


In the first place Innovern Engineering is a professional engineering firm specialist on Design and Installation of Lightning Protection System(LPS). We offer our clients both conventional meshed system and ABB ESE Lightning Protection System. ESE is stands for Early Streamer Emission technology which is an advanced technology in the field of Lightning Protection. Not only it is the most advanced technology but also it is the cost efficient and reliable technology form France. In summary Early Streamer Emission offer you great coverage area and cost effective solution for Lightning Protection System. Innovern Engineering is the supplier and installer of all type Lightning Protection Goods all over the country.

General Information

Extended Product Type: OPR 60 ABB
Product ID: 2CTB899800R7100
EAN: 3660308513502
Catalog Description: OPR 60 ABB
Long Description: B751350

Product Net Width: 78 mm
Product Net Height: 246 mm
Product Net Depth / Length: 78 mm
Product Net Weight: 2448 g

Additional Information
Brand / Label: ABB
Options Provided: ESEAT OPR
Product Main Type: ESEAT
Product Name: Lightning Potection Devices
Suitable For: To protect the systems against the transient overvoltage (lightning)
Certificates and Declarations (Document Number)
Data Sheet, Technical Information: 2CTC435058D1701
UL Certificate: 2CTC437025G1701
Products Low Voltage Products and Systems Lightning Protection Products

ETIM 4: EC000505 – Air-termination equipment for lightning protection
ETIM 5: EC000505 – Air-termination equipment for lightning protection
Object Classification Code: 142JZC

Vendor Information

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