Grounding Equipment

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Grounding Equipment

Grounding Type: Rod Grounding, Plate Grounding, Chemical Grounding & Pipe Grounding.
Materials: Copper, Galvanized Iron (GI), Grounding Enhancement Materials, Stainless Steel etc.
Size: Various Size.
Availability : Ready Stock.
Standard: BNBC, NFPA, IEC, IEEE etc.


Grounding Equipment

A grounding system is design for discharge the excessive current to the ground which is created due to a electrical fault occurred in the circuit. The grounding equipment is the products which is used in a earthing system or grounding system. The earthing system could be called as a safety alternative path path for the fault current. This earthing system facility saves the electrical equipment and most important save the life also.

Innovern engineering is the manufacturer, supplier and installer of Grounding System Products like, Earth electrode, Grounding Conductors, Grounding Rod, Earthing Pit, SPD and other peripheral item. Earth-electrode is of the main part of a Grounding System. Innovern Engineering is the Supplier and installer of  all types of earthing system. All the earthing system products are fully comply with the necessary standard like BNBC, NFPA , UL96 and IEC and other standard. We offer various type such as Copper and Nickel Coated Copper etc. products to our valuable clients.  Innovern operates throughout all over the country. And we providing our clients not only the competitively priced, but also highly effective earthing system solutions.

Innovern Engineering also providing the Lighting Protection System Solution. The the purpose of LPS is to protect structures from thunderstorm, fire or mechanical destruction. A lightning protection system consists of not only external protection but also internal protection.  In addition a lightning protection system has main 5 main part including Air termination device, mashed conductors, ground terminal, equipotential bonding and surge protective device(SPD).

In summery are the supplier of best quality of LPS products. Altogether our Experienced engineers ensure you not only a cost optimized design but also installed properly.

Our Scope

As an engineering service company, our main service includes drawing, design, documentation and consultancy. As well as consultancy we are also offer installation, commissioning, maintenance and product supply to our client. We are a contracting firm with proven expertise in the field of engineering. We have dedication to solve the technically challenging task. In fact our client service approach is to focused on practical solutions. We provide our service in the field likewise Ready Made Garments(RMG) and other industrial sector. And providing engineering support to our valuable clients through all over Bangladesh.


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