The Grounding System

Grounding System also known is earthing system is one of the most important of an electrical system. The earthing protection system is design for flow the excessive fault current directly to the ground thus protect the electrical system. Innovern Engineering providing the one stop solution for earthing. We are offering our client to drawing, designing, product supplying, installing and commissioning service. We are providing the top class earthing solution within the best competitive price.


There are various types of earthing system depends on standards, usability and the soil condition. The very common materials for earth electrode is Copper, Galvanized Iron (GI), Steel, Bonded Copper etc. In Bangladesh we are using various types of grounding depends on site condition such as Copper Rod grounding, GI Rod grounding, Copper Plate grounding, GI Pipe grounding, GI bar earthing etc. Please find below the variety

Copper Earth Electrode System
Copper Plate System
Grid System
GI Earth-electrode System
Chemically Enhanced Earthing System

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