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Lockout Station | Innovern Engineering is the supplier of Lockout Tagout product through all over the country. As well supply Innovern also involved the implementation of Lockout Tagout Procedure. In that process we have a scope to design and manufacturing of custom made group lockout box for a Power Plant Located at Bhola. Our panel building experience was gave us the advantage to prepare those produce. The product was liked by the customer and they appreciated it. In its continuation we produce such products like Lockout Station, Pablock Station, Group Lockout Box, Training Boar etc. by ourselves.

First of all we Innovern Engineering supply the best quality Lockout Tagout (LOTO) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In addition we follow all kind of requirements of all international standards. As well as it’s design and production material are certificated by various international organizations. Our delivered Lockout Tagout will be best asset in your toolbox.

Using LOTO in your work place for your maintenance work is not only make your maintenance safe and secure but also to comply with the national law. In addition our supplied LOTO will fulfill the requirements of RSC (ACCORD), NIRAPON (ALLIANCE) and other organization. In a word form our product list you can use our LOTO for Electrical, Mechanical, plumbing as well as other so many field where using LOTO are not only mandatory but also for safer working place.

Steel Made Enclosure
Powder Coated Glossy Paint
Fiber Glass Door Feature
Adjustable Reck System
High Quality Finishing.

Minimizes injury if machines are accidentally started
Reduces injury in unexpected releases of hazardous energy are released, such as steam blasts, corrosive chemical and electrical arc flash
Save lives
Minimize exposure to litigation
In some states, companies receive benefits and discounts on worker’s compensation if they have few accidents
Making safety a top priority inspires employee confidence and trust
Batter working environment
Compliance requirement

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