Lightning is a natural phenomenon and its causes a heavy damage every year in Bangladesh. Lightning Protection Bangladesh is a brand under Innovern Engineering providing top class engineering service in the field of Lightning Protection. We are providing consultancy, product supply and installation service to establishment the complete protection against lightning.

Innovern operates throughout all over the country, providing best solution to the clients. Also with the competitively best price and highly effective solutions. We have experienced design and installation team. And our quality product lineup ensure the proper safety. Our mission statement is to provide our services in a cost effective and timely manner, while delivering all out solutions with an ongoing commitment to our comprehensive quality control program.


We are offer our client the most reliable mashed conductor system which refereed by the BNBC2020, NFPA780, and IEC 62305, and other national and international standard.


We are the installer of most modern technology of Lightning Protection the Early Streamer Emission (ESE).. The ESE system is complies with French National Standards. NF C -17-102. This system has a greater coverage area than any other system of lightning protection.


As well as BNBC2020, and NFPA780,, and IEC 62305, has also refereed the the mashed conductor or conventional lightning protection system. The conventional system is the reliable and maintenance free system of lightning protection system.

Lightning Protection System

Lightning Protection System

We are providing cost-effective & sustainable and completer solution of lightning protection system.


We focus on bringing value and solve challenges through the delivery of reliable services and solutions

Innovern is an Engineering company providing top class lightning protection service. We have a team work of engineering, designing, planning, surveying & above all delivering elegant outcome for our clients, the community & future generations. All of our LPS products, such as Air Terminal, Conductors, Grounding terminal and fastener are designed for a sustainable solution of lightning protection.

Innovern is providing Reliable EngineeringInnovative DrawingAuthentic ProductEfficient Consultancy Solution

Innovern Engineering offer you to design, supply and installation of lightning protection system.  In the first place we had a commitment to  our clients to provide not only the best quality of product and service but also with a best competitive price. By the same token we have a group of skilled and technicians and experienced engineers in the filed of  Lightning Protection System.

In summary quality of products and service is our main concern. We have maintaining the products standard like the UL96 to ensure the product quality in the beginning of the production. And our engineer have supervise the project to end of the installation. And we are also doing commissioning of substation after completion of installation.  In a word we can assure our clients to deliver them the best quality products.


Top-Class Engineering Solutions through all over the country.


Innovern Engineering design and manufacture all kind of electrical panel, switchgear and control-gear. Our low voltage switchgear is 100% comply with the necessary standards.


Product Supply.

We are offering best quality products.


Installation Service

Our installation service covers variety of field such as electrical, fire, mechanical installation.


Maintenance & Documentation

We are also providing top class documentation and maintenance service.


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Handle your project with professional.

Utmost effort for best quality of service.


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