Lockout Tagout

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  • Made from PVC material.
  • The tag indicates who is responsible for placing the lockout device and who is  authorized to remove it or make changes to it.
  • Can be written by erasable pen for repeated using.


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What is Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is a safety procedure to protect the workers or individuals from possible accidents from stored hazardous energy by isolating the energy sources during the maintenance, servicing or repair works. Not only isolating the energy source but also securing it with locks and tags that can ensure and preventing its accidental or unauthorized activation.

The purpose of LOTO is to ensure that machinery or equipment is completely shut down and inoperable, eliminating the risk of unexpected energy release while maintenance or repairs are being performed. This procedure helps prevent accidents such as electrocution, injury from moving parts, or exposure to hazardous materials

Here are the key steps involved in a typical lockout tagout process:

  1. Preparation: Before starting any maintenance or servicing task, the authorized employee must identify all energy sources associated with the equipment, including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and thermal sources.
  2. Notify Affected Employees: Inform all employees who may be affected by the equipment shutdown and explain the reasons for the lockout.
  3. Equipment Shutdown: Follow the established procedures to shut down the equipment properly. This may involve turning off switches, closing valves, or otherwise disconnecting the energy sources.
  4. Isolation: Physically isolate the energy sources by using lockout devices such as padlocks, chains, or valve covers. Lockout devices are placed on energy control points to prevent the release of energy.
  5. Release Stored Energy: Some equipment may store energy even after being shut down. Release or dissipate any stored energy safely to ensure the equipment is completely de-energized.
  6. Tagout: Attach tags to the lockout devices to provide additional warning and information about the equipment being serviced. Tags should include the reason for the lockout, the name of the person performing the lockout, and the expected completion time.
  7. Verification: Once the lockout tagout devices are in place, test the equipment controls to verify that it is de-energized and cannot be activated.
  8. Maintenance or Servicing: Perform the necessary maintenance or servicing tasks on the equipment.
  9. Removal of Lockout Tagout: After completing the maintenance or servicing, remove all lockout tagout devices. Ensure that all employees are clear of the equipment and that it is safe to reactivate.
  10. Equipment Start-up: Following the completion of maintenance and removal of lockout tagout devices, follow proper procedures to start up the equipment safely.

It is important to note that lockout tagout procedures should only be performed by trained and authorized personnel who understand the potential hazards and the correct procedures for locking out and tagging out equipment. This helps ensure the safety of workers and prevents accidents in the workplace.

Lockout Tag

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