Copper Strip

Copper Strip

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Innovern Engineering is one of the best Lightning Protection System installer in the country. Also supply best quality LPS Products including Conductor Strip.

High conductivity & high purity copper and aluminum flat Strip or Tape conductor are fabricated as per standards and requirement on High End technology machinery Ensuring Best Quality Standards.

Size: All sizes available.
Materials: Copper, Aluminum


Copper Strip or copper bar is the main part of a Lightning Protection SystemInnovern Engineering is the Supplier and installer of  copper strip of different sizes and Classes. All the LPS products are fully comply with the necessary standard like NFPA 780, UL96 and IEC-62305 etc. We offer various type such as Copper and Nickel Coated Copper etc. products to our valuable clients.  Innovern operates throughout all over the country. And we providing our clients not only the competitively priced, but also highly effective lightning protection system solutions.

In summery are the supplier of best quality of LPS products. Altogether our Experienced engineers ensure you not only a cost optimized design but also installed properly.

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