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Innovern Engineering manufacturer of best quality, compact design auto transfer switch.  We provide wide range of ATS between 40A to 1000A. Our design team ensure customized design as per standard and customer requirements suitable for domestic & industrial usages.


Automatic Transfer Switch or ATS panel is used for switching the sources of electricity(Backup Generator/ National Grid/ Ups) of the electrical system. Innovern engineering is the designer, manufacturer, supplier as well as installer of top class electrical ATS Panel.  In the first place Our  switchgear including MDB, FDB, DB & SDB are 100% complaint. We strictly follow standards like IEC, IEEE, NFPA and BNBC for making our switch-gear. We use the computer aided design(CAD) for preparing our switch-gear for greatest value for our customers. Innovern engineering follow BS 5486/IEC 439 for design & construction of panel/enclosure boxes. Busbars & other live parts are spaced & insulated in accordance with European standards. All ACB/MCCB units & panel boards shall fully comply IEEE regulation. In addition we are offering our clients a 2 years warranty for our distribution boards. In a word Innovern engineering will provide you not only the best products but also comparatively the best price.

Main benefits

  • 14/16 SWG steel fabricated powder coated, wall mount panel.
  • Customized design as per customer requirements.
  • Easy to install & operate.
  • Arc flash prof dead front constructor with bottoms cover.
  • Ease of maintenance with 100% accessibility from the front.
  • Reduced operational expenditure.
  • 24/7 customer support.
Our Scope

Innovern Engineering offer you to supply, installation, and commissioning a wide range of distribution transformer. We are also HT & LT panel COS, PFI and other substation equipment’s.  In the first place we had a commitment to  our clients to provide not only the best quality switchgear but also with a best competitive price. By the same token we have a group of skilled and technicians and experienced engineers in the filed of Substation installation.

In summary quality of products and service is our main concern. Because we keep up the product quality in the beginning of the production to end of the installation. And we are also doing commissioning of substation after completion of installation.  In a word we can assure our clients to deliver them the best quality products.

Not only the substation or transformer but also we deliver our clients the best quality fire restive electrical switch gear panel. All of switchgear is custom built using a modular design that can be configured to suit site requirements and suitable for domestic & industrial use.