Miniature Circuit Breaker

Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Innovern Engineering  is the supplier of original including Miniature Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Contractor, Motor protection circuit breaker and other low voltage products. We ensure original product and warranty for 12 month(or as per company warranty policy) to our clients.  

Item Name       : Miniature Circuit Breaker
Variation          : SP, DP, TP, 4P
Ratings              : 02 Amps -63 Amps
Brand                 : ABB, Schneider, Siemens, LS, Chint and other.
Warranty          : 12 Month Warranty.


Miniature Circuit Breaker

Innovern Engineering Offering the original products from ABB, Schneider, LS, Siemens, CHINT and other top brand Miniature Circuit Breaker. We are the supplier of all types of low voltage electrical low voltage items. ABB, Schenider, LS, Siemens, Chint are the top class manufacturer of electrical low voltage items. A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) automatically trip off the electrical circuit during the overload condition or any faulty condition. It (MCB) replaces the position of fuse, which was previously used for this type of protection. In addition MCB is safer than a fuse during maintenance and it is easy to install.

We are the also the supplier of Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Contractor, Motor Protection Circuit breaker. And other switchgear products like panel meter, HRC Fuse, Indicator Lamp, Busbar, Insulator and other items. Innovern also supplier of best quality IP 67 ratting plug and socket for household and industrial use.  We ensure original product as well as warranty for 12 month(or as per company policy) to our clients. Innovern Engineering also offer you to supply, installation, and commissioning a wide range of electrical switchgear with including HT & LT panel COS, PFI and other electrical panel items.

In summary We provides a comprehensive range of products, support, services, solutions and techniques to create value for the construction industry and support sustainable development. Innovern Engineering provides electrical products for a variety of industries, real estate and housing projects around the country. Electrical substation equipment, switchgear, electrical appliance, LPS goods, earthing system goods and electrical wiring accessories etc. are the main products of Innovern Engineering. Our commitment is to deliver the best quality of products with a very competitive price. 

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