Automatic Sprinkler SystemAutomatic Sprinkler system is an active fire protection system that provides sufficient pressure to form water and is above the piping system. What is connected. Although historically used only in factories and large commercial buildings, small construction systems are now available at an affordable price. Fire  Sprinkler systems are used all over the world, with over 5 million sprinkler heads installed each year. In buildings completely protected by the fire protection system, over 96% of the fire was controlled only by extinguishing the flames. There are many standard or guideline which have describe the detail engineering behind this system. Automatic sprinkler system is consist of piping network, water reservoir and sprinkler heads. This system also can integrate with fire detection and alarm system. There are several types Sprinkler system such as a) Wet Pipe System b) Dry pipe system. In our country we are used to install wet pipe system. Automatic water sprinkler systems are designed to ensure the life of building occupants. Its duty is to protect the property and building occupants. These systems are very effective for life safety because they not only warn of the existence of a fire and but also apply water to the area on fire. Firstly the downward force of water reduces the smoke level.  Secondly it is also also serve to cool the room and reduce the immediate threat to personnel. Fire Detection system Our qualified engineers and electricians team execute the installation to comply Accord, Alliance as well as BNBC standards. Which ensuring that your company meets all electrical health and safety regulations. We are serving wide range of installation services such as Addressable and conventional fire alarm system, Aspiration System, fire hydrant system, automatic sprinkler, CO2 suppression, FM 200 and foam suppression system etc. We are also doing  Electrical Substation, HT/LT Switch-gear, Electrical Wiring System, Lightning Protection System.  Our qualified electricians can also help with all your domestic, commercial as well as industrial electrical needs from additional power and lighting points to full rewires and new installations. We are friendly and reliable and make sure a high quality finish. Modern equipment and tools and scientific method can assist the work easier, faster and reliable. Innovern Engineering is experienced on implementation of modern advanced technique and modern tools during the installation process