What is Lightning

Lightning is a natural phenomenon. Nowadays the number of lightning strike and its damage is increasing day bay day. Our government declare the Lightning A Natural Disaster. Lightning is a powerful electric sparks from a thunderstorm cause lightning, which can kill instantly. Lightning can strike two points up to 10 miles (16 km) apart at the same time and whether or not blue sky is visible. Lightning moves at 90,000 miles (144,841 km) per second with voltage up to one billion volts. A standard household electrical outlet is 220 volts. The lightning flash, or channel, is approximately 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter. Lightning reaches temperatures five times hotter than the surface of the sun. The surrounding air expands rapidly due to the heat of the bolt’s flash and causes thunder, warning us that lightning is present. In Bangladesh lightning strikes killed an average of 250 people  per year.
  • Killed 250 people per year
  • One billion bolts
  • 90 thousand mile per second speed

Lightning A Natural Disaster

During the three-day period of May 12 to May 14, 67 people died from lightning strikes in Bangladesh. Altogether, 132 people died in May after being hit by lightning, according to the Foundation for Disaster Forum, a Dhaka-based disaster preparedness network. The problem is now too dangerous that the government has promoted its as a natural disaster like floods, cyclones, earthquakes, drought and riverbank erosion among others. As a result, the government now compensates lightning strike victims or their families with
Our Scope
In the first place Innovern Engineering is a professional engineering firm specialist on Design and Installation of Lightning Protection System(LPS). We offer our clients not only the conventional meshed system but also the ABB ESE Lightning Protection System. ESE is stands for Early Streamer Emission technology which is an advanced technology in the field of Lightning Protection. Not only it is the most advanced technology but also it is the cost efficient and reliable technology form France. In summary Early Streamer Emission offer you great coverage area and cost effective solution for Lightning Protection System. Innovern Engineering is the supplier and installer of all type Lightning Protection Goods all over the country.

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